How is Spec-Ops funded?

Spec-Ops is a member of Software Freedom Conservancy, and thus is part of a 501(c)(3) organization. Our funding comes from donors. We expect these donors to be organizations who are interested in ensuring standards are developed, but do not have the time or resources to put people in the room.

What is Spec-Ops' relationship with standards-setting organization XYZ?

We want to work with existing standards-settings organizations. Once our Project Leadership Committee identifies a project that needs acceleration, we will find people to put in the room - people who can join the relevant committees and help do the actual work.

Is Spec-Ops going to develop standards itself?

Absolutely not. Spec-Ops is designed to assist existing and future standards-development organizations do their work using their processes. In particular, just so there is no confusion:

  1. Spec-Ops doesn't work on specs outside of a standardization body. We don't "take over" specs and ignore the SDO processes.
  2. We raise and pool funding from companies and pay experts to be specification editors, test suite writers, and open source implementers. Those experts are mandated to help drive consensus and follow the developing group's desires (when it comes to editing, test suite writing, and implementation writing). We basically fund the things that get standards to true interoperability.
  3. We try to be good standards citizens, helping foster consensus and collaboration. We're a-political.

What will Spec-Ops be working on?

The Project Leadership Committee chooses the standards that Spec-Ops helps accelerate. Currently our focus is on the areas of payments and identity. It is possible that this will expand over time, depending on resources, levels of interest, and the approval of the Conservancy's Evaluation Committee.

Can I be a Standards Champion?

Sure! We are only just getting going, but we are always looking for people with passion and drive. Let us know which of our Projects you are interested in, what you are interested in doing, and your qualifications. We look forward to meeting you!

What license does Spec-Ops use?

Everything Spec-Ops Champions produce will be done under the license requirements of the Open Standards organization that is developing the standard. In the event that there are options in the choice of license, Spec-Ops will always prefer a license approved by The Open Source Initiative. In particular, we will always prefer the license that is the most "open".

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