Spec-Ops is an organization dedicated to active participation in the development of critical Open Standards (currently in the areas of web payments, distributed identity management - including universal accessibility to services in those areas). Many of these standards have yet to be codified or even drafted. Our goal is to help draft these standards, and write and release Open Source and Free Software that tests and/or implements these standards for the benefit of the public.

The main impediment to progress in standards is lack of people. Spec-Ops team members are subject-area experts with deep standards experience and no strong corporate or personal agenda. As such, they are uniquely qualified to:

Encourage Consensus - work with relevant standards committees to smooth out the rough spots and come to agreement on key issues.

Foster Implementation - assist with development of specifications, implementations, tests, and other tools to improve quality and interoperability.

Speed Adoption - expose important standards to the broader community; advocate for the requirement of compliant implementations; increase demand.

Spec-Ops: Driving Interoperability

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