Working With Spec-Ops

Why would you want to join Spec-Ops?

  • You are passionate about creating and implementing Open Standards with Open Source and Free Software for the benefit of the public.
  • You would work with a management team that has decades of experience improving the industry through standardization
  • You and the rest of your Cohort would be able to focus your energy on getting something done, done quickly, and done right
  • You would be getting a stipend for your efforts on something that, let's be honest, you otherwise would have done for free

Need more reasons?

  • Bow-ties are cool
  • Travelling to exotic locales is fun! Doing so during undesirable parts of the year is okay, because you never leave the conference hotel anyway
  • Working long hours for low pay builds character
  • Sisyphus had nothing on the people who worked on "longdesc"
  • You might get to listen to <insert random ageing standards maven> ramble on about nonsense for 30 minutes instead of making progress

Need more good reasons?

  • Being part of a Spec-Ops Cohort means you immediately increase your profile in the industry
  • Editing a standard, writing its tests, or making a reference implementation means you are an authority like none other - it will look terrific on a resume
  • You were probably going to be involved anyway - at least this way you have an excuse to spend too much time on something you would normally have done just for the love
  • You will work with the leaders in an industry segment - people you might normally never encounter
  • Bow-ties are cool
Why would we want you to join Spec-Ops?

  • You're an expert in an area Spec-Ops has determined would benefit from being fast tracked
  • You want to work on this important project, but your day job doesn't give you the opportunity
  • Most importantly, you have a passion for open standards

Come! Work with us! Make the world a better place! We have cool t-shirts.

Contact Details

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Twitter @SpecOpsHQ

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